Promotion Development Progress of Paralympic Sports

The Paralympic Games and its athletes showcase the achievement of people with disabilities and act as a primary vehicle to change societal perceptions that leaves long lasting legacies. PCI aims to follow this aspiration and promote a more inclusive India through its activities.

Mile Stones .. - India at the Paralympics

PCI was registered during the year 1994 with the registrar of co-operative societies,
Bangalore, Karnataka.

The objectives of this organization was to promote sports for the disabled of our country, Identifying the disabled sports persons at all India level, imparting necessary training to them and preparing them to take part in State, National & International Sports meets was the major activity of this organization.

In order to exhibit the skills of our disabled sportsmen it was essential to participate in international sports meets. Hence this organization got itself affiliated to the International Paralympic Committee, Germany, which is the supreme body for disabled sports in the world which is a parallel organization to the International Olympic Committee.

Apart from getting affiliation, the organization also got itself affiliated to The International Wheel Chair and Amputee Sports Federation, UK, covering Wheel Chair and Amputee Sports world wide, FESPIC Federation, Japan, covering the countries in Far East and South Pacific regions and Asian Paralympic Committee, Malaysia.

Our History

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