Elections of Athletes representative(s)

Method and Criteria of appointment of the representatives

In order to have free and fair election with representation from all over the Country, every State / UT have been asked to forward the Names of atleast 2 Athletes to PCI (1 Male and 1 Female), those who have been duly elected by the Athletes from their respective State / UT.

The entries should be sent to PCI latest by 10th December 2016 at least 4 months before the National Championships / Games expected to be held between 19th – 30th March 2017

To be eligible for election to the Athletes' Council an individual must be an active Paralympic athlete, having competed at least one of the past two editions of the Summer edition of the Paralympic Games or Asian Para Games

These names once received by PCI from all over the country can thereafter be called for election among themselves through secret ballet voting as per the procedures laid down for elections in National Sports Development Code of Govt. of India (NSDC) at National Games / Championships proposed to be conducted in New Delhi between 20th – 30th March 2017. The Election thus will elect 2 Athletes (1 Male and 1 Female) for their representation (Electoral College) in the Governing Board as per the guidelines of PCI Constitution. Voting can only occur by athletes competing at the National Championships or National Games.
Campaigning for each Candidate can only take place three months prior to the National Championships

Rights and responsibilities accorded to the representatives

Meantime, as per the Governing Board decision dated 29.08.2016 the names of Ms. Deepa Malik and Mr. Devendra Jhajharia the Medal Winners of Rio Paralympic Games 2016 have been nominated to represent Athletes Council until the above elections are held, which are to be held at National Games expected to be held at Delhi between 19th – 30th March 2017 (exact date shall be announced by 25.11.2016)