Sponsorship : Paralympic Committee of India ®

Paralympic Committee of India ® (PCI) has been steadfastly growing in number of disciplines and in its commitment for the glory of para sports in the country. The Activities are there, man power is there, commitment is there and what is required to drive all these factors is Funds.. This ambitious child needs nourishment in the form of "Funds". Funds is like blood in the stream of sports and more so for Para sports.

This para sports wherein one can visualize the spontaneity with which the individuals take part in all the sporting events shows their tenacity, will power and the urge to exhibit their talents and emerge Winners. This has to be appreciated and motivated.

We have as on date 14 disciplines., viz. Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Golf, Powerlifting, Rowing, Shooting, Equestrian, Swimming, Table Tennis, Volley ball, Wheel chair fencing, Wheel chair tennis, Wheel chair Basket Ball. These sports events are for the following classes, viz., Blind (Class 11 to 13 ), Intellectual Disability (Class 20), Cerebral Palsy (Class 32 to 38), Ambulants (Class 40 to 46 ), Wheel Chair (Class 51 to 58).

PCI believes in "Vision sets the Direction, Values lay the path, Aspirations generate Acceleration"

Para sports requires Funds for its all-round growth and for the sporting activities to go on smoothly, we need "Sponsors". In the field of Sports, Sponsors play a pivotal role. Their support takes the burden of expenses to a very large extent and makes the job easy for the organizers to conduct the event. It is a two way system - The Sponsors while projecting their brand get wide publicity for their product and at the same time ease out the strain on the part of the Organisers by funding the programme.

We avail this opportunity to appeal to you and the Organisation whom you represent to wholeheartedly come forward to patronize us and "Sponsor" the Sports Events. Promoting of Para sports is a Herculean task and monetary support is very much essential and a base to carry out the sports events for the physically challenged sports persons who are second to none in the field of sports, who are rich in ambitions, commitment, dedication and devotion. They seek your financial support as a booster to their sporting talents and ambitions and they deserve it.

This organization is registered as Association with the Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Bangalore and the Registration No. 280/94-95. PCI has been recognized under Section 80 G of the Income-Tax Act vide order No. DIT(E) / 80G/140/W-2/03-04 dated 9.7.2003 and also under Section 10 (23C) (iv) of the IT act. For the donations made to PCI, 100% Income-tax rebate is available under Section 10(23C)(iv) of IT Act 1961 issued vide letter F.No.CC- I /tech-I/10/(23C)/121/13/08-09 dt.22.01.2010.

Please come forward to support them monetarily by "Sponsoring" the Events and encourage this sporting fraternity.

"Helping Hands are better than Praying Lips"

Para Sports